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Baseball Fundamentals

Being taught the fundamentals from an early age is essential for any baseball player to excel in the game. Our ability to correctly explain and demonstrate these skills makes our athletes understand the importance of these fundamentals – but most importantly – apply them. We make sure that the instruction and expectations are age appropriate, and we always focus on the individual needs of the athlete.

Coaches are


Our coaches offer planned and structured training programs.


Our coaches have proven results within youth baseball.


Our coaches can explain and demonstrate the ‘why’.

Our Focus Areas


Providing age appropriate programs which enhance agility and improve fundamental movement skills.

Arm Care

Teaching the importance of correct Throwing mechanics and Arm Care to prevent injury and increase arm strength.


Teaching the fundamentals of defense and helping athletes to understand defensive plays.


Teaching total body synchronicity, precise eye-hand coordination, balance, timing, rhythm, and strength.

We Offer

Individual Coaching
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Group Training
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Online Hitting Assessment

Get your swing analysed today. Included in the assessment is:

  • Full Video Analysis
  • Corrective Drills
  • 4 Week Follow up

Parent Feedback

Ethan thoroughly enjoys coaching sessions with Select Sport. He has gone from strength to strength with Coach Ian. His enthusiasm and dedication continue to motivate the players to do their best, no matter what!
Tammy BT
Great program, great coaches. They really put the development of the player ahead of everything else. Connor is hitting much better now than ever before. He always leaves practice having learnt something new, or correcting something that needed to be changed. I would recommend them to anyone.
Leanne S
Thank you for the hard work and dedication that you have shown in helping my son with the sport he loves. You treat each player with respect and are absolutely motivation and I pray that Select Sport moves from strength to strength.
Valencia B

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